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Janie Mills - Art Gallery Originals
Paintings -Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media

My works are full of symbolism and expression with meaning to me. My gift to the viewer is to stimulate and evoke a personal emotion that speaks to them. Sometimes that emotion comes as a surprise to them. At times it insists on reaching into the dormant corners long ignored but refusing to be forgotten. Acknowledging the past's influence on the present, my wish is to bring you a message of hope that through the past there is healing in the present. I have been told that I haven't given up the healing profession as a nurse at all. My profession in healing now just involves using a different medium. If that be true, then, there could be no greater pleasure than to offer this gift.

** Although all works are original, similar works may be requested by commission.

                       "Angel Unaware"                          
© Original by Janie Mills
11" x 14" Acrylic/Oil Painting on stretched canvas of cemetery sculpture.
$350.00 USD


"Moonlight Dewdrops"
22" x 28" x 1 1/2"
©Original by Janie Mills
acrylic on stretched canvas.
With stunning colors of the ocean, this Madonna is the keeper of the pearls. Arabic legend says that pearls were formed when dewdrops filled with moonlight fell into the ocean and were swallowed by oysters.

"But I Wanted a Pony"
©Original by Janie Mills
26" x 30" acrylic on unmounted canvas scoured for vintage effect.  This precious little girl was painted from a early 1900's photo of a special family friend, now deceased. She was quite a character! I hope you are pleased, Jennie.
This canvas can be shipped in a roll or can be mounted as requested.

Oil on stretched canvas - SOLD
This painting came after a persistent dream of myself as a scarf merchant in a far away country dressed in full Burka. I have been obsessed by head coverings ever since.

"Not all eyes possess vision" - SOLD-
Oil painting on stretched canvas 30" x 30" x 1 1/2"  This painting speaks volumes to me. It is a challenge to myself to hone in on the gift of seeing with eyes closed - only using other senses. Intuition rarely fails.

"Breathe Outloud" - Sold
Oil painting on stretched canvas -16" x 20" x 1"
After dormancy, Mother Nature and Me, a Mother, showing our true colors to each other. Both laying ourselves out there in full view, naked- wondering if anyone would really notice.

"Left Behind" -Unavailable
Oil painting on canvas board - 9" x12"   On location, En Plein Air
 depicting a long forgotten, rusty, vintage bike leaning against a red outbuilding at Full Circle Retreat in Viroqua, Wisconsin.

"Full Circle Respite"- Unavailable
Oil painting on canvas board - 9" x12" This En Plein Air painting was done on location in Viroqua, Wi. of a portion of the little Full Circle farm house.

"Leaving a Fragrance" - Sold
Original acrylic on stretched canvas - 9" x 12" x 3/4"
This painting is my depiction of a simple gift of fragrance left in a cup for me each morning by my husband. The cup and saucer is Nannie's (My husband's great grandma) china- in all it's glory-with it's chips and stains. We do not save it for special days, we use it to make every day special. We do not store it up in safe-keeping, for, we only have today. Read my blog entry here for a personal insight to leaving the gift of fragrance as well as the inspiration for this piece.

"Daddy's Hail Clouds" -  SOLD - 
Oil on canvas - 16" x 20"
This painting is in honor of my loving Daddy. I have many memories of him staring out the back window of our Texas home, saying "Those clouds have hail in 'em". He always knew when the crops that sustained his family, were about to be totally wiped out. All we could do was hold our breath and pray. To this day, I have never developed the knack for knowing when hail is coming.
This piece is one I regret having let out of my own gallery collection. It is impossible to recreate the emotion. 

"Peony's Bow" - SOLD 
Oil on stretched canvas- 8"x8" x 1 1/2"
This painting came out of an urgent need to capture my gorgeous peonies that had relented and succumbed to the heavy rain the previous night.

"First Rose"-SOLD
Oil on stretched canvas -12"x 16"x 3/4"
I captured our first rose of the season in this still life. I placed the single stem in an old apothecary bottle to enjoy the simplicity of its grandeur.

"Petunia Blaze"- Unavailable

Oil on canvas - 16"x20"x1 1/2"
I painted this pot of petunias
En Plein Air in our sitting next to the pool in our backyard. The color reflected off the water was so vibrant with the sun casting a stunning shadow.

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